Welcome, everyone, to FLAWspace.

This is a comfortable place for entrepreneurs, designers, futurists, and experts to invent and reinvent with both freedom and support.

We create space to be reckless, vulnerable, un-marginalized, unsettled, empathetic, proudly complex, students of people, magnets to mission. To be ourselves, together.

We believe in accepting, owning, and loving the things we might define with distaste as our flaws. That when we do, our flaws become new sources of strength: to explore, experiment, and express more deeply and more fully as ourselves.



Our flexible studio space is available to support offsites and events. Contact us at hello@FLAWspace.com for more info.

1432 E. Burnside St.


FLAWspace is run by two female-founded creative consultancies who partner together to build futures.

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